Southern Enduro Riders Association Dexter Leadbeater Educational Scholarship Award Each year the Southern Enduro Riders Association donates an educational scholarship to one or more deserving members of our organization, or the child of a member. The SERA Scholarship is one of many ways in which our organization is able to contribute to the well rounded development and growth of our young people, the future of our sport. Funding for the SERA Scholarship comes from many sources, including donations from SERA Clubs, advertisers and sponsors, personal donations, raffles, and club sponsored off-road events specifically targeted to raise money for this fund. Without these donors, the scholarship fund would not exist. The recipient of this award is chosen each year based on their submission of application describing their accomplishments, grade point average, standardized test results, professional goals, awards, honors, and educational objectives.   Since the inception of the scholarship fund in 2007, The Southern Enduro Riders Association has donated over $21,000 in support of the continuing education of these young people. Scholarship Award Application links: Scholarship Award in .pdf format Scholarship Award in .doc Format Southern Enduro Riders Association  - Dexter Leadbeater Scholarship Award winners 2015 Trent Whisenant 2013 - 2014  McKensie Brunson Neal Ousley Morgan Knisley 2012 - 2013 Devin Stokley $2,000 Dylan Dobbs $2,000 2011 - 2012 Zach Stuckey $1,500 John Higera $1,500 2009 - 2010 Johnathon Ridgeway $2,000 Johnathon Seales $2,000 2008 - 2009 Eric Bowen $2,125 Alex Reine $2,125 2007 - 2008 Kevin Deloach $2,000 Hunter Sanders $2,000 2007 Breann Larosche $2,000